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Pop Culture Allusions

Pop Culture Allusions is a website and blog with a collection of curated listings that represent Pop Culture references and Pop Culture examples from the past six decades of American popular culture.

Our pop culture references include the biggest and best from Pop Culture Television, Pop Culture Movies, Pop Culture Music and other Pop Culture Topics.  While we recognize that there are additional Pop Culture topics, we have chosen to focus our attention om our Four Categories and with 19 Subcategories, each with a set of Pop Culture Criteria that cover a wide range of popular culture.

A goal of our website is to provide education, entertainment and have people add to the blog.  We also hope to raise some pop culture questions and discuss potential answers.  We do this by providing over 500 pop culture examples and allusions.  Our blog is all about building a community of people interested in popular culture and adding allusions to our listings.  Consider Joining us as a member.

Pop Culture Allusions

Another goal of ours is to offer a general pop culture definition and improve our understanding of what “is” and “is not” popular culture.  We contend that Pop Culture is based upon that special combination of popularity and culture and that a Pop Culture Allusion brings in additional dynamism.  Sounds easy to do, yet much more difficult to achieve. 

We have not included pop culture news or pop culture trivia on our website or blog; we will leave those activities to other sites such as https://popculture.com and https://www.britannica.com/quiz/pop-culture-quiz

So, what is Pop Culture?  Any popular culture definition should include an understanding of what it takes to be “Popular” and what it means to have “Culture”.  Let us look at a few examples of pop culture to illustrate our point.

Elvis is one of the most recognizable and easiest examples of a Pop Culture Allusion.  Elvis was hugely popular for his music having had more #1 songs than anyone else.  But then he went on the Ed Sullivan show and was forever a Pop Icon.  The “King” then went on to be on television shows, movies, would have his image on countless pieces of merchandise, his music sampled for soundtracks, TV commercials and the list of Pop Culture Allusions goes on and on. 

So, some of the common Pop Culture Criteria that we consider for our listings include features and data such as: appearing in allusions across media, garnering a large amount of viewing audience, large event attendance, spawning of sequels/spinoffs/rematches, crossover into other genres, longevity, and overall impression on our society.  As you will see, our listings feature the people, places and things that truly depict Pop Culture Allusions

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