About Pop Culture Allusions

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About Pop Culture Allusions

Pop Culture Allusions are a collection of curated listings that represent Pop Culture references and Pop Culture examples for the past 60 years or so. 

PopCultureAllusions.com is organized into Four Categories and a total of 19 Subcategories.  

As you will notice at the beginning of each of our Subcategories, we have established a set of Pop Culture Criteria.  This criterion helps create our listings of pop culture allusions.  Each listing tries to include relevant and fundamental information, which generally includes the best-known Title, Location and Date. 

Our Pop Culture References have been researched and drawn upon from years of experience and numerous publications and websites. 

Here are some of our sources and citations.  These include:


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Adapted from the article Associated Press Athlete of the Year, from Wikinfo, licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.



National Park Service https://www.nps.gov/aboutus/visitation-numbers.htm

We are pleased to provide some of the most frequently asked questions and offer answers about Pop Culture Allusions. 


Question:     Why do most of your listings and examples start at 1955 and end at 2015?
Answer:        We have chosen to focus on these 60 years.  We believe this to be the most prolific time of Pop Culture.

Question:     Can I make contributions to PopCultureAllusions?
Answer:        Yes, this is a blog.  Please consider Joining us as a member

Question:     How can I add my own items?
Answer:        Only approved members are eligible to add content. 

Question:     Is there a membership fee?
Answer:        No, the site is free and non-commercial.

Question:     Is there a limit to the number of posts I can make?
Answer:        Generally, there is not a post limit.  However, we reserve the right to moderate the site, which includes adding, editing, and/or deleting any posts at any time for any reason.

Question:     Where did we get our images?
Answer:        We purchased Royalty Free images from Shutterstock.com 

PopCultureAllusions.com is a non-commercial site and does not own, claim to own, or have rights to any of the Shows, Movies, Songs and/or other items listed on the site.  We will remove any content that an owner wants taken down.  Please email Info@PopCultureAllusions.com and we will comply with your wishes immediately.  Other images used are from the Public Domain. 

The attribution for the images are as follows: 

American Idol


Muhammad Ali


Elvis Presley


The Moon Landing


Statue of Liberty


Levi’s Jeans


The iPhone


Yoda from Star Wars


Marilyn Monroe



The Brady Bunch




The Beatles


Welcome to Las Vegas sign


Destinys Child performs at Superbowl halftime show


Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz