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Pop Culture Brands

Our Pop Culture Criteria is based upon factors such as items sales, crossover into other genres and overall impression on our society.

This list includes a wide range of items from clothing & fashion to hairstyles to other styles & fads, foods & restaurants.  A true Pop Culture Potpourri.


Levi’s blue jeans
Creator Levi Strauss & co.
Established 01 May 1853
Headquarters San Francisco CA USA
Levi made a pair of pants from blue denim placing metal rivets on the seams and pockets…hey Presto! A pair of jeans was born. Worn by everybody, a classic American success story.

The Beehive Hairdo
Creator Margaret Vinci Heldt
Invented in 1960
Location Chicago USA
Margaret a well-known stylist was asked by a magazine in 1960 to create a new hairstyle. So she came up with the Iconic Beehive. It looked just like…well…a beehive! 60’s teenage girls and lady pop stars adopted it, loved it and still love it to this day.

Platform Shoes
Creator Moshe (Morris) Kimel
Invented in the early 1930s
Location Berlin Germany
Moshe designed what is thought to be the first platform shoe for the actress Marlene Dietrich. Fast forward to the 1970s. One of the many mysteries of mankind is how on earth did the rock god Mark Bolan, amongst other rock fashion gods, unfortunately inspire a whole generation and his uncle to start clomping around in these ugly shoes.

The Polyester Leisure Suit
Creator No one actually knows but he must obviously have gone into hiding.
Invented unfortunately 1970s
Location Somewhere on a psychedelic safari
This is another one of those bewildering 1970s clothing fashions that beggars belief. The bright spark that invented this winner for some reason decided that men needed to start wearing colourful stretchy safari suits that catch fire easily.

Chevrolet Corvette
Manufacturer Chevrolet (General Motors)
Production 1953 – present
Headquarters United States
The ‘Vette. A two-door Two-person iconic popular sports car. Production has carried on for over 60 years. Still being produced and going strong to this present day. So the ‘Vette must have done something right.

Cadbury Easter Eggs
Creator John Cadbury
Established 1875
Location Birmingham United Kingdom
The Cadbury brothers had been making French chocolate for quite some time before one brother, John found a method of using a mould to make his first deliciously smooth chocolate Easter egg. Thank you so much John from all the chocolate lovers of the world.

The Sears Catalog
Creator Richard Sears
Founded 1888
Location United States
Richard Sears created the world’s first mail order catalog selling watches. The catchy slogan for his 1894 edition was called ‘The Book of Bargains.’ Such a simple brilliant idea.

Ben & Jerry’s
Founders Ben Cohen Jerry Greenfield
Established 05 may 1978
Headquarters Vermont USA
B&J started a very cool, world famous, quirky ice cream brand selling extremely unique flavours. Their biggest selling iconic flavour is “phish food”. No one, not even B&J know to this day why they called it that. But all their flavours are enormously indulging and delicious.

Starbucks Coffee
Founders Jerry Baldwin Gordon Bowker Zev Siegal
Established 1971
Location Seattle USA
The Big Starbucks three all had three things in common. They were academics, they loved coffee and they loved tea. Naming their world-famous brand after ‘The first mate’ in the classic novel ‘Moby Dick.’ Actually I just love their cappuccino and warm cinnamon swirl.

Founders Maurice (Mac) Richard McDonald
Established 1948
Location California USA
The two brothers invented a simple format to beat their rivals by eliminating any waiters. Pre-cooking their cheap 100% beef burgers and keeping them hot under lamps…voila…the first true fast food restaurant! Commonly known as Mackie D.

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Founder Colonel Harland Sanders
Established Franchise 1952
Location Utah USA
The Colonel started selling the tastiest fried chicken in the great depression. Very quickly he realized the enormous potential of the restaurant franchise concept. KFC is the world benchmark where all other fried chicken is measured.

The Pet Rock
Inventor Gary Dahl
Established 1975
Units sold 1,000,000 plus
Picked up from Rosarito Beach Mexico
These strange cute little smooth rocks with cheap stuck on plastic eyes were marketed like live pets. Being sold in unique cardboard boxes. They were complete with bedding made of straw and breathable holes. Needless to say…this fad didn’t last long.

The Skateboard
Inventor Larry Stevenson
Company Name Makaha Skateboard Company
Established 1963
Location USA
Larry designed a surfboard shaped skateboard using clay wheels as opposed to metal ones. Giving the rider a uniquely smooth and memorable ride. Sales went stratospheric. A real bone breaking form of transport which was owned by Nearly every young kid by the late 70s.

Originated African American Latino Musicians R’n’B soul jazz genre
Underground music scene late ‘60s/early ‘70s
Location Philadelphia / New York
Disco really came from private gay underground dance parties. Then ‘Saturday night Fever’ being one of the biggest grossing movies of its time along with its amazing soundtrack by the Bee Gee’s got the whole world disco dancing.

Rock N’ Roll
Originated African American gospel jazz rhythm n blues country genre
Mainstream music scene late ‘40s/early ‘50s
Location United States
Rock n’ Roll was quietly evolving. Then suddenly a young singer hit the American music scene. Elvis Presley. He got every young girl swooning. Every young boy up bopping. And every mum and dad pulling out their hair. This really was the time that gave birth to the teenager.

Inventor Unknown
Department US Navy
Initial time period ‘The war of 1812’
Location United states
Designer Coco Chanel
Incorporated into fashion 1920s
Fashion location France
Chanel took the bellbottom idea from the sailor and for the first time took the corset off of the woman. Replacing it with the bellbottoms and producing an instant fashion success. They have remained in and out of fashion ever since.

The Lava Lamp
Inventor Edward Craven
Created 1948
Location United Kingdom
It took Edward 15 years to perfect the lava lamp. The result was rather stunning and mesmerizing. It eventually went on to become a real trendy fashion accessory for any Hi-tech 1970s house. But even to this day they are still very beautiful to look at.

The Mall
Mall Name Southdale Centre
Owner Simon property group
Opening Date 08 October 1956
Location Minnesota USA
The Southdale Centre was the first all-purpose built air-conditioned Mall. Incorporating into one building a variety of shops restaurants and leisure facilities. This iconic form of retail extravaganza spurned the modern-day Mall that we all love. Especially if you like wandering aimlessly around shops listening to organic pipe music.

The Station Wagon
Manufacturer Ford
Production 1910
Location United States
The first Station Wagons had a wooden body placed on a ford model T chassis. Originally they were used as taxicabs. Later in years other car manufacturers incorporated the design into their models because they were affordable and very practical. No they are not your top of the range sports car. But there is something very reassuring about them. Not entirely sure what though.

Daisy Dukes
Product Very short form-fitting cut off denim shorts
TV Program Dukes of Hazards
Character Daisy duke (Catherine Batch)
Invented 1980s
Worn By young women
Location United States
In the 1980s as soon as women saw these steaming hot sexy shorts it immediately became a craze. Even to this day when bought they are still referred to as a pair of Daisy Dukes.

Members Only Jacket
Company name Europe Craft Imports
Created 1975
Location New York City USA
These fashionable ‘80s men’s jackets were kind of magical. Somehow you put one on and you kind of disappeared. They had some weird camouflage thing going on with them. You blended in so well when you wore it you could be guaranteed not to get noticed. The advertising slogan was; When you put it on something happens. They were right. You became invisible.

Roller Skating
Inventor John Joseph Merlin
Born Belgium
Created 1735
Location London United Kingdom
John famously attached some wheels to a pair of shoes and went to a party wearing them. He managed to crash into a mirror and create a fashion item all at the same time. People of all nationalities have also been wearing them dancing in them and crashing into things ever since. And it doesn’t look like it is going to stop any time soon.

Cabbage Patch Doll
Inventor Xavier Roberts
Company the Original Appalachian Artworks Inc
Company formation 1978
Units sold 3,000,000 plus
Location United States
These strange awkward eerie frightening looking dolls were so popular. The company stated that everyone was unique. It came with its own name, date of birth, adoption papers and birth certificate. The Cabbage patch doll is still on sale today and is avidly bought by collectors around the world.

Hot Air Balloon Rides
Inventor Pilatre De Rozier
First successful launch 19 September 1783
Passengers Sheep duck and rooster
First successful manned launch 21 November 1783
Duration 20 minutes.
Location Paris
Nowadays anyone can go on a relaxing hot air balloon ride and gaze in wonder at the beautiful landscape below whilst sipping champagne. This is a wonderful way to spend a lovely afternoon.

The Hoverboard
Inventor Shane Chan
First Produced May 2013
True Name Self Balancing Scooter
Location is disputed either China or USA
This is a clever little form of self- transport. It consists of two pads on motorized wheels. The rider can control the speed and direction by leaning backwards or forwards and twisting the pads. But in 2014 &16 some of them spontaneously caught on fire. But that problem has been sorted out now. They promise.

Inventor William Grey
Invented 1889
Location the Hertford Bank Connecticut USA
William’s first booths were made from wood and placed in railway stations hotels and banks and they were complete with a telephone that was coin operated. Eventually they were placed everywhere. After 100 years they are still everywhere. Except now with cell phones they are used a lot less. More for emergencies.

The VW Van
Inventor Ben Pon
Manufacturer Volkswagen
Production 08 March 1950
Location Germany
Nicknamed the Bully in Germany and the Hippy Van in the USA. Groups of young people would paint them in brightly colored psychogenic artworks and go traveling and camping in them to all day and night parties and pop concerts. Now the Next generation of VW Van is back on the production line and its Electric.

Drive-In Movies
Original premises owner Richard Hollingshead
First patented 06 June 1933
Location New Jersey USA
Richard originally built this mini drive in movie theatre for his mother because she couldn’t comfortably fit in the small seats at the cinema. He then patented it opened it up to the public and the rest is shall we say history.

Victoria’s Secret
Founder Roy Raymond
Founded 12 June 1977
Products Underwear lingerie beauty products
Original Location California USA
Number of stores 1,070 (2020)
Roy’s initial Idea for the store was for men to be able to comfortably go in and buy quality underwear for women. No wonder it was successful. Simple and brilliant.

Air Jordan Sneakers
Designer Peter More
Manufacturer Nike
Produced exclusively for Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan
Manufactured Late 1984
Public Release 01 April 1985
Retail Price $65.00 (1985)
Location USA
Basketball player Michael Jordan won an Olympic gold medal in 1984 and went on to sign a deal with Nike reportedly worth $2,5 million plus royalties. These popular iconic Sneakers are still available and sort after today.


The Polo Shirt (Izod Lacoste Crocodile Shirt)
Founder Jean Rene Lacoste
Manufacturer Andre Gillier
Compony Formation 1933
Compony Name La Chemise Lacoste
Location France
Jean was a professional tennis player who consecutively won the US open in style surprising people by wearing a light weight polo shirt designed by himself with a small crocodile logo on the left-hand breast which he carefully placed there because that was his nickname “The Crocodile.’ By the 1980s any male with real style would also be wearing a little crocodile logoed Lacoste polo shirt jeans or shorts.

The Easy Bake Oven
Company Kenner Products
Introduction 1963
Units Sold 16 million
Location Ohio USA
This highly popular product was kind of a toy. It came with its own cake mix which one added water to. Small pans to hold the mix. Which was simply pushed through a slot in the little plastic oven. Then pushed out again through another slot at the other end of the oven. Then deliciously eaten. Sorted! Lovely Jubbly!

Skinny Jeans
Original ancestors of Breeches or Pantaloons
Manufactured by many company’s
First worn 17th century
Location Court of Louis XIII France
Introduced United Kingdom then later to the rest of the World
Roll on forward a couple of hundred years and they were turned into jeans. Worn as tight as humanly possible by fashion lovers of the world.

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